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 American Big Guys Throwing Team   A Not for Profit Organization                                                                       Established 1989




 Starting in 1990 at the National Championships in Cerritos California, the Traveling Big Guys Party got its name from having to travel from hotel to hotel after  sometimes not so politely) being asked to leave. Our first venue was a single hotel room where we stacked the furniture and beds up in order to make  enough space to accommodate our guests. Even by rearranging the room’s furnishings, the forty plus throwers in attendance crowded the room and spilled  into the parking lot creating what is now considered a right of passage into the elite throwing circle.


 Since it inception, the Traveling Big Guys Party has been held in a range of locations from four-star hotels to biker bars and continues to this day. At some  point we started a raffle system where those in attendance had a buy-in of fifteen dollars for three raffle tickets and unlimited drinks.


 Stuff raffled will always include an assortment of throws related items culminating with a signed memorabilia implement by a great thrower from the past.


 Today, the Traveling Big Guys Party follows this same format. If you ever wished to attend a party with past and present greats where throwing is the topic of  conversation this is it!


Check out the slide show below.

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