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 American Big Guys Throwing Team   A Not for Profit Organization                                                                       Established 1989


During the 1960's and 70's throwers had the option of choosing from numerous track clubs such as the New York Athletic Club (NYAC), Pacific Coast Club, University of Chicago Track Club, Athletic Attic, Shore AC and Club Northwest to name a few.  And while this period initially marked a new prosperity for throwers, many of these elite clubs that had helped to elevate the status of our sport were all but gone by the early 80s. One-by-one these clubs had been replaced by corporate clubs that placed less emphasis on our portion of the shoe and apparel market effectively squeezing out throwers from the sponsorship and the support opportunities that became commonplace among runners.

In 1989, American Big Guys (ABG) was conceived to fill the void that was created by corporate clubs and since it’s founding, the acronym ABG has been synonymous with success in the U.S. and World rankings of our throwing events.

Since our founding, ABG’s elite list of members have included a World Record Holder, National Record Holders as well as numerous World Champions, Olympians, and National Champions.

Past Team Members


Steve Albert, Randy Barnes, Roald Bradstock, Rod Chronister, Alan Collatz, Dan Dillion, Gary England, Jerry England, Peter Farmer, Mark Fletcher, Mat Godbehere, Tony Harlin, Ron Harrier, Brian Keane, Dennis Klein, Marty Kobza, Jeff Kremer, Vince Labosky, Art Mc Dermott, Brad Mears, Brian Miller, Jeff Nepalitano, Brent Noon, Johnny O Connor, Scott Peterson, Dave Rodley, Will Summers, Dave Stephens, Mike Stulce, Jim Seifert, Curt Skaggs,
Ricky Vaughn, Ed Wade, Chris Weilert, Darren Zaylor, Erika Ahmann, Edie Boyer, Heather Berlin, Beth Bunge, Kim Engles, Amy Jackson, Kris Keuhl, Angie Miller, Kristen Shultz, Kirsten Shultz, Erika Wheeler, Rachael Dincoff



ABG will continue to help develop that next thrower and the established thrower a few athletes at a time.  If you are on the verge or established and want to fly our colors, contact Gary England and we will see if there is some kind of a fit.  We will also continue to push politicly for positive developments on women's and men's throwing issues with an emphasis on post collegiate training situations.

Lastly, ABG will continue hosting the Traveling Big Guys Party the Saturday night of the National Track and Field Championships — a right of passage and throwing institution since 1990.  

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