Private coaching at our own facility is available on request and group sessions are available at your home facility.  The coaching is from Jerry and Gary England who combined have over 50 years of College Division I and II throws coaching experience and have had everything from state champs to national champs to Olympians.

Lessons are for girls and boys from the 7th grade through 12th grade along with open and Masters throwers.

Most lessons are on the weekends Saturday starting at 1:00, 2:30 and 4:00 and Sunday at 1:00, 2:30 and 4:00.  Each slot is open to a max of 2 throwers unless a group lesson is pre-planned.  The sessions last an hour and a half in length and are $50 per session cash. Group lessons are usually at your facility and are pre-negotiated as to price and expenses.  If there is a special need we will do evening sessions when we are available.

We are located in beautiful and way out there Brown County, 2300 Three Story Hill Rd Morgantown IN  Private lesson slots fill up fast

and are first come first serve, text Gary at 317-410-5006 for your slot and to keep up with weather considerations.

Bring your own implements and please have throwing shoes, we have some implements.

We talk about the throwing life style, academics and help you find a school if you wish to pursue throwing as a way to pay for college.


This is a first come first serve clinic that will run every Sunday from 2 to 5 at Center Grove Middle School Central, there will be a 20 athlete limit.

This is for serious thrower, if you are not I will be culling the top 20 with the wait list for those that are just taking up space.  If you want to learn what it is like to be a serious thrower, I will teach you what that is all about.  

First come first serve registration at: directions and equipment list on email confirmation

Suspended till further notice

If you are serious about throwing there are some things you will need to survive in the Mid-West. You will need the proper clothing, shoes, accessories and implements of your own.  If at the end of high school career you no longer want your implements ABG will provide a letter of donation for them. You don't need to buy this all at once and probably have much of it so all you need to do is have a Throwing Bag to keep it all together.

Shot Put-1 shot of your competitive weight*and 1 around 1k heavier.

Indoor Shot - Hadar is the prefered indoor implement

Discus-1 Disc of your competitive weight ** and 2 practice discs ***

Throwing shoes - I suggest the cheapest Nikes you can find****

Rain Suit - This is where you don't want to go cheap.

Crew Neck Heavy Sweatshirt

Heavy Sweat Pants

Long Sleeve Cotton T Shirts

Plenty of heavy socks

Clean Hand Towel

Container of Magnesium Carbonate

Throwing Bag- For all of your stuff

Throws Bags- For your implements                                                                                                             

There are links to supply companies on the contact page

and I have always had good luck with OnTrack

*Lathe Turned Iron, cheap is good 

**Under $100, they can get in the $300's but are not necessary, YET!

***Around $30 steel and plastic

****Ebay, Eastbay


Shots- Iron is the metal of choice for a shot because is rusts and dings which create grip, especially with chalk.  Make sure they are lath turned, the size depends on the size of your hand but the rule of thumb is, the larger the shot the more the mass is spread out, you should also stamp the adjustment plug for permanent ID..

Discus-  Practice discs should be two things, durable and cheap, a beginning competition disc should not cost over $90.00.  There are $300 plus discs out there and some day you hope you will need one.  Pick one side of the discus and make it the top side so it always goes against the hand.  This keeps a smooth feel and look, you should also stamp the inner disc for permanent ID.

Shoes- I designed the technology into the original Nike throwing shoes and it has not changed much since 1992, it has a toe plate in it that makes it easy to turn in, I suggest the cheapest pair I can find on ebay or eastbay.  If you go with another brand try to get one with a toe plate.

I am taking orders for my hand made throwing bags that will last a career, contact Gary to get on the list.

 American Big Guys Throwing Team   A Not for Profit Organization                                                                       Established 1989