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 American Big Guys Throwing Team   A Not for Profit Organization                                                                       Established 1989


So why help the throwers of America?  The reason is simple; their selfless dedication to the art of throwing and representing the United States deserves your support.   The United States Government, U.S. Olympic Committee and USA Track and Field barely throw the top two throwers a bone unlike the federations and governments of many other countries. Yet those entities and the American public expect our throwers to be ready to represent our country and win at the highest levels, then deride them if they don’t.  We have always and will continueto support the throwers on their way up and their way down because they deserve "a little something for the effort".

A Personal Note from Gary England, Director

Look, if you are reading this you probably know all of this because to one extent or another you have been through it.  I assume life has been financially good to you, the way I look at it you can donate to the team or you can donate to Uncle Sam who as you know doesn’t care about the throws. If you think you are going to have to write a check to cover your taxes, want to pay the government less or you have a program for minimizing your taxes, it's time pull out your check book and actually see the results of your money at work. I have different levels of rewards for your donations ranging from newsletters and team t-shirts to trips to the Nationals complete with the latest incarnation of the Traveling Big Guys Party where you can party with the young guns. Referrals to other throwers that life has been good to and who might be sympathetic to the cause are of intense value to the club and greatly appreciated. As the elder statesman on the circuit I keep getting asked about the Big Guys, it is now time, only this time I want your help.  


Since we are a non profit organization we can grant tax deductions for cash but we are not limited to taking just cash.  We will take anything of value, from cars to boats to stocks to jewelry and anything we can turn into cash to support the team.                                                                                                                                                                                 

Maybe I helped you or one of your friends out with a little something and it may have meant something to you, whatever I can do to let this generation of throwers know someone out there is trying to help I will, they need to know that there are other people who believe in the cause. Remember what it was like to have that passion and join us in the cause of long throws.

I will personally take care of you needs.">  317-410-5006 (Cell/Text)

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