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 American Big Guys Throwing Team   A Not for Profit Organization                                                                       Established 1989

Corporate Sponsorships

Sponsorships with American Big Guys ties your company to the ideas of sacrifice, dedication, drive, competitiveness, winning, achievement, strength, power, agility and the American dream of serving our country thru representing the best of the US in national and international competition.  These are qualities your industry and customers look up to and admire.  Along with these we also offer the following and will entertain your own marketing ideas. 


Connection to a top national sports team

A links from our marketed website and partners

Your logo added to all of our advertising and apparel

Special access to the National Championship and the Traveling Big Guys Party

American Big Guys swag

Rights to use American Big Guys images in your advertising and corporate reporting

Access to Olympic caliber athletes for appearances or other needs

Assistance in gaining access to former Olympic athletes for speaking and advertising opportunities.


When planning your yearly marketing plan consider American Big Guys as part of the mix.


Contact:  Gary England for personal attention to your needs at 317-410-5006 or

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